16. Secrets Make Us Sick

Are you trying to hide a behavior from others? Are you feeling that you are stuck, lonely and have nowhere to turn to? Are you there now, have you been there or just returned from there? Perhaps you aren't even sure you want to talk about what's affecting you. You've been given many suggestions by different individuals who just want to help. Yet, when you are lonely, bored, stressed or frustrated, you return to your secret life.

Maybe it's over-eating, computer or TV surfing, video games, pornography, drinking, smoking, drugs, sex, masturbating - vices that somehow allow momentary release from what's affecting you. Perhaps it's theft, gambling or another vice? There are countless other examples.

Is there a way out? YES, there's a way out of these unwanted behaviors!

Some of the behaviors described above can be geared in a healthier manner. Some others need to be ceased for the safety of you and your family. For example, reactive anger could have roots from previous abuse or abandonment. If this is the case for you, please go through my previous blogs on Adverse Childhood Experiences, ACE's.

Brokenness has many faces to it, that's why it is important to focus on what's below these unwanted behaviors. That's were open, confident and trusting discussions are beneficial in order to be understood, feel supported and validated.

Anger and bitterness are often manifestations of unwanted behavior present in a person's life. Often these behaviors mask something much deeper in you. Shame is likely and deeply attached to hidden behaviors. It is like an umbrella of feelings that try to hide the vulnerable issues below the surface.

You are not alone in your struggles. There are no secrets from God. He knows your thoughts, words and all your actions. There is absolutely nothing hidden from His sight. Darkness is like light to Him. He simply is waiting for you to speak to Him about your hidden shame. So many suffer in silence thinking they are the only ones.

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