Depression is a difficult experience which many have lived through. Are one who struggles with depression or are you around a person who has told you they do or have signs of it? If it isn’t you, please attach the rest of the blog to the person in need.

Do you try to hide how you feel? Everything is “great” as you answer others how you are doing and go quickly on your way. Just below the surface you feel like you are suffocating inside and everything is bleak. Are you irritable towards others? Perhaps you are downcast or just plain angry – or is it both? Do you have difficulty focusing or making choices? Do you feel lethargic and have lost interest? Are you plain tired or quietly thinking of or already planning a suicide? If this is the case, please reach for help immediately. You may NOT want to lean on your own understanding. That’s not God’s plan for you.

Can you identify with the symptoms from the last paragraph? If you can, please read further. If you believe there’s a stigma around your depression it needs to be openly discussed. Others may exhibit judging behavior towards you when they don't understand the reason you cannot just snap out of it. This behavior can rob you from hope as well.

Regarding depression, you may have a chemical imbalance in your brain. The feel good chemicals are serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. Your depression may be treated medically if required. Alternatively, you may choose to deal with your depression with lifestyle changes due to the side-effects medications cause. They are well worth researching.

You may choose to seek a balanced lifestyle to treat your depression. Exercise is a crucial part of treatment. Exercise increases the feel good hormone production. When you choose an aerobic activity, such as running, another hormone called endorphin releases (during activity) with increased heartrate. Endorphins are called the runners high, as it produces almost euphoric feeling of well-being during and after a run.

Consistent exercise will allow you to remain healthy in a physical way, leading to increased overall fitness and well-being. It also allows you to regain health in an emotional way by increasing the feel-good hormones. It also reduces or stops symptoms of many chronic conditions in life. Again, well worth researching as this can provide a life-altering positive affect in your life.

Second major part of treating depression is good nutrition and adequate sleep. Following a low-glycemic index diet and assuring your sleep is adequate will ensure a balanced life-style.

Luke 10:19, states that you as a believer have authority in Him and nothing will hurt you. Depression is a spirit and it can be cast out. The enemy has gotten a hold of you when you are depressed. You can fight against it!

Isaiah 61 states to put on a garment of praise instead of a spirit of oppression. This means to praise Him regardless of how you feel. It means to focus on praising Him regardless of where you are at. This will stop the path of the enemy in your life. When you are at the bottom the only way to go is up!

Please email with further questions or to book a counselling session.