143. How can You Wisely Manage Your Life?

You go through downtown in your city and you'll likely see people from different walks of life; different ages, cultural and educational levels. You'll likely a see mixture of haves and have nots through your observation. If you are reading through the eyes of maturity, you will likely have experienced different stages in your personal life.

The reality is that God has given you gifts to steward in this life. You didn't own anything when you came to this world. The gifts you currently have are given to you by His gift of love. That means your inheritance and your finances, education, health, intelligence, drive ... It's easier to manage your life when you look at it that way!

God wants to see if you can manage the gifts He gave you. These gifts may include something treasured; your loved ones, children, spouse, career for example. It is easy to treasure them, and much harder to let them go. If you lost your job, for example, you can simply ask Him to lead you to the next source of income as you trust Him in the process. If you trust Him and choose to lean on Him as the manager, there is much less to worry about. He is a highly capable Father - and when you choose to place your full trust in Him, He will gladly manage the process. If you lose a loved one, God will be right there to be in, to guide and love you - and to make wrongs right through His plan for your life.

He is asking you to trust Him like a little child. Much easier than managing life on your own accord.

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