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Passionate About Healing Hearts

The outward signs of physical abuse will heal with time and care. Emotional abuse does not. The person who was abusive can be charged, but that doesn’t take away the inward destruction that their actions brought. Emotional abuse is different, as no one but you can see or feel it.  It destroys your self-worth, confidence, and belief in yourself.    Others will witness your changed demeanor because of the stress of the abuse that you suffered (whether you like it or not!). 

When the memory of the abuse continues without healing, the pain and frustration that grips you it will be displayed to others.   Worst of all, through the stress you experience, you will remain in a ‘flight fight’ stage.  Your cortisol levels, your adrenals and even your heart rate will remain in an elevated stage.   In this stage you are more likely to react to others instead of listening to them.   You will hurt others out of your own hurts.  Hurting people hurt people. 

Whatever your reason for reading this blog, you are in the right place.  I am trained in working with severe trauma, addictions, anxiety, aggression, grief, panic attacks, depression, domestic abuse and conflict, FASD/E, PTSD, CTSD, DID and all diagnosed mental illnesses.  You will be heard and understood, and you will be able to speak in a manner comfortable to you - in absolute confidence.  As a compassionate Christian Counsellor, I welcome you to connect with me, regardless of when your hurts occurred and where you are in your healing journey.  Together we can find suitable ways for you to find inner healing.