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Hello, My name is Mia Klassen

I am a registered Counsellor through the Canadian Professional Counselling Association, CPCA-C #3875 and I specialize in severe trauma.  Trauma can be found in many of our personal experiences.  Starting from early childhood, many live through adverse events that have affected their lives in a negative manner.  You may have lived through trauma, or you are experiencing abuse that is upsetting you. Knowledge of resources, support, and understanding are crucial; I can support you by providing a sense of direction, safety, and purpose. 

​I specialize in counselling survivors of domestic, sexual, physical and emotional abuse, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), addictions, ADHD, OCD, anxiety, panic, PTSD & CTSD, Dissociative Identity Disorder, FASD/E, and all diagnosed mental illnesses.  The support I offer may occur privately, in groups or through presentations or in lectures. 

​Presently, first responders are seeing an unprecedented flow of people in crisis, requiring their immediate services.  There is a need to support first responders in order to maintain their and our society’s resiliency.  I created a resiliency and compassion fatigue presentation to address this.  Other presentations I created and speak on address ACEs, PTSD, Boundaries, and Shame and Pride.  These presentations can be booked by simply contacting me.

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Training Courses Offered by Mia Klassen (MCC) and Margaret Wright (RN)

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